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Available for Forensic Jobs

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR: Excellent benefits? Career growth opportunities? Opportunities to impact your community? A professional workplace that fosters respect, commitment, and trust? 
Forensic Science is the place for you. We will be posting job vacancies here soon.

Crime Scene Examiner (SEG3-TEMP)

Position at The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) Headquarters in Kingston

Job Summary

The incumbent is responsible for the evaluation of crime scenes using various types of equipment and collecting, securing, preserving, packaging and maintaining the chain of custody for all physical evidence.  The incumbent is also responsible for submitting physical evidence for scientific evaluation and comparison to the Institute of Forensic Science and Legal Medicine Unit.  He/she must also prepare detailed reports on the observations and activities at the scenes to include scene analysis and reconstruction for the Commission, and testify in court.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Managing and surveying scenes and reconstructing the events of crimes;

  • Processing incident scenes;

  • Collecting gunshot residue stubs when applicable;

  • Attending post mortems, collecting evidence from Pathologists and taking fingerprints (when applicable);

  • Preparing and compiling scene reports and statements which can be tendered for court proceedings;

  • Preparing Lab Submission Forms and submitting exhibits;

  • Maintaining chain of custody and securing exhibits that are not submitted for forensic analysis;

  • Maintaining and updating system logs for processing, indexing, and tracking investigative information;

  • Providing expert testimony in court hearings.

Remuneration: - $2,551,250 – $3,032,634 per annum with appropriate allowances.

Applications accompanied by CVs should be submitted no later than Friday, November 25, 2022, to:

Thank you for your interest; however, only short-listed applicants will be contacted.

Download file below for more information.

Employment Opportunity - Royal Virgin Islands Police Force

Good to Know

Applications are being accepted for the role of Police Constable/Fingerprint Analyst, Royal Virgin Islands Police Force.

SALARY RANGE: $24,182.00 – 28,418.00/annum;

Salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience

Allowances: up to $15,200.00/annum

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